Biggest lottery winners

Biggest lottery winners

Biggest lottery winners

The origins of lottery game go back in time to around 200 B.C., where in China was recorded the first lottery type game: Keno. Passing throughout the time in many shapes, the lottery eventually got really close to the form we all know around 15th century, in Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). At first the big prize was not that consistent, but nowadays is constantly worth millions.

Each day million of people dream about winning the lottery and becoming extremely rich. Some of them were lucky enough to see that dream coming true. There are so little chances to win the lottery, about one chance in twenty millions, but once in a while the big prize is won.

Here are some of the luckiest people in the world:

–          In July 2005, Dolores McNamara, an Irish housewife, won a nine week rollover jackpot of €115,436,126 ($160 million).

– On 18th February 2006 a group of eight co-workers from Nebraska, that bought a single lottery ticket, won the $365 million Powerball Jackpot. They received a lump sum payout of $177,270,519 which is the largest payout ever recorded.

– On 6th March 2007 The Mega Million Jackpot of $390 million was divided between two lucky tickets, one from Georgia and one from New Jersey. This is the largest Jackpot ever won. Each winner received $116,557,083 after all taxes were paid.

– On August 22nd 2009 a player from Toscana won the Italian lottery jackpot, SuperEnalotto. The jackpot worth € 147,807,299 ($205 million) is the largest lottery prize won in Europe.

– In May 2009 a Spanish woman won the EuroMillions jackpot of €126,231,764 ($175 million) after 7 consecutive no winning draws.

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