Greece struggles to recover

Greece struggles to recover

Greece struggles to recover

The Greek government was forced to impose a series of austerity measures in return for the huge bail-out of 110 billion euro from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Because of those drastic measures, Greece is under a siege of protests and strikes for weeks now. The number of violent clashes reduced considerably in the last few weeks inducing a more calm and relax atmosphere.

These economic and social turbulences affected primarily the tourism, which in the past years used to generate about 20% of the nation’s income. Greece government works hard to improve the Greece’s image that has been severely damaged in the late few months because of the financial problems and social turbulences.

The tourism has also been affected by the repeated eruptions of the Iceland’s small volcano, which blocked airways across Europe for weeks.

The tourism revenues predictions for this year are dark, but the government wants to do everything that is in their power to recovery as soon as possible. One of the most recently announced measures taken to stimulate the tourism is to cover all extra cost for any tourists stranded in the country due to a natural disaster or social movement.

This measure was welcomed by the tourism agencies that now have more convincing arguments to attract more tourists. The season is just begun, so the timing is perfect. Currently the authorities are pretty optimist and hope that the tourism will start recovering by the end of the summer and the next year to be close to the full potential.

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