How to live cheap and look rich

How to live cheap and look rich

How to live cheap and look rich

Every one dreamed at list one time about living the life of a millionaire, but the chances to really live it are for most tiny if not inexistent. For those of us there is still one chance: to live the life of a rich person without having that sort of money. There are some simple ways to do that:

– Invest in classic brands. That sounds pretty expensive but on the long run it’s the best choice. Cashmere is a good example because it’s expensive but lasts much more than cheaper solutions and always looks like a million bucks.

– Be gracious and well groomed. Rich people look impeccable and have no worries so they don’t have any reason to be rude.

– Go for discounts, not for retail. All brands have cycles of discounts so every few weeks your favorite pair of shoes or the bag you long for is more affordable.

– Buy a second hand classic car. A BMW or a Mercedes will always have style and buying it few years old is really affordable.

– Travel wisely. Rich people always just came back from a fabulous vacation far away. To do that cheaply keen eyes on the last minute offers and look for the travel sites that have special offers all the time.  You can also go on self catering vacations that will cost you much less.

– Do volunteer work and participate in charitable events. These are the cheapest ways to enter black-tie events where only wealthy people afford to buy the ticket.

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