How to manage your money and live cheaply

How to manage your money and live cheaply

How to manage your money and live cheaply

The global financial crisis that haunted us in the past two years made everyone to look for ways to manage their money more efficient and to reduce the cost of living. Here are some ways to live cheaply and improve the funds management:

– Make a budget with your incomes and your expenses for a month to find out where your money is going.

– Take every expense separately and check out how you can diminish it. This way you can make serious reductions to your monthly expenses.

– If the rent is the biggest expense in your budget you might consider moving back with your parents, getting a roommate to share the rent or at least moving to a cheaper place.

– Find cheaper ways to entertain yourself like having some friends over and watch a rented movie or play some games. Is less expensive and can be much more fun than going out.

– Get rid of vices like smoking, drinking and gambling, because they can easily ruin your budget.

– If you have a car put down all expenses that the car requires for a year (payments, insurance, gas, maintenance, tickets & fines, parking, car washes, toll and supplies), adds the money you will get if you sell it, and now think how much money you would save if you would sell your car.

– Decrease you communication costs by using more email and free calling software. Don’t use both a cell phone and a landline, choose only one and you will see that is enough to talk to friends and family. Another way to save money is to look for special offer planes that include free minutes in a certain time of day or in certain days of the week.

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