Top ten bankrupt athletes

Top ten bankrupt athletes

Top ten bankrupt athletes

It’s a known fact that some athletes are among the richest people in the world earning millions each year. The active years are limited and varies depending on sport but many top athletes manage to gather a fortune from sports. Managing a fortune is not simple and the laws of economy also count at individual level. This is why many athletes have financial problems and end up bankrupt.

Spending the money has always been easier than earning them and the top most famous bankrupt athletes are the proof of that. Huge mansions, luxury jets, state of the art yachts, unique cars, expensive jewelry and unbelievable parties are just few of the things that sports stars spend money on.

Some athletes managed to spend even more money that they could earn so it’s no surprise that they are bankrupt. Some of the most famous athletes that gone bankrupt include:

– Mike Tyson: he won more than $400 million dollars throughout his career as boxer.

– George Best: famous soccer player that earned over $100 million.

– Scottie Pippen: the NBA player lost $120 million earned from basketball and still fights a $5 million debt.

– Marion Jones: for a while she was considered the woman in the world but started to lose all including the five medals she won at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

– Antoine Walker: he is another example of bad money management, losing all $110 million earned as NBA player.

– Kenny Anderson: the $60 million fortune was spent on mansions, cars, pre-nups, child support and hanging out with friends.

– Travis Henry: eleven kids with ten different mothers could bankrupt anyone, so the football player fit the profile.

– Sheryl Swoopes: an estimated fortune of $50 million was lost because of lawyers, agents and bad investments.

– Bjorn Borg: drug addiction is the main reason for which the winner of 11 grand slam titles got bankrupt.

– Evander Holyfield: $250 million it’s a really big fortune but eleven children and a luxury life could make it disappear in thin air.

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