Where and when to invest your money

Where and when to invest your money

Where and when to invest your money

Taking a good look at the monthly budget it’s crucial for any rational individual before taking the decision to invest some money, even if it’s a small mount. If you want to invest you can do it staring from as low as $50, but remember that any investment is a risk so don’t invest any money you cannot afford to lose. To keep yourself away from this risky situation you start by analyzing your budget. Cut off any predictable costs, rates and savings money that you will deposit into a savings account. If you still have some money after these cuts, than you can start thinking about investing the remaining money.

The most common investment solutions are stocks and mutual funds.

The stocks are historically proved to be some of the most profitable forms of investments. The average return rate of stocks are higher than any other investment solutions but the stocks are very risky. Some companies grow and in long term reach return rates of over 20%, but others could have hard time or even go bankrupt.

The mutual funds have a lower return rate than stocks but the risk is also smaller. The mutual funds represent a vast collection of stocks and bonds professionally managed. The risk of losing the money invested is much lower than in stocks, but still exists. A good advice is to look for mutual funds that have investments as varied as possible made in many different industries.

The long term investments bring the higher profits, while the short term investments could end with great loses. If you decide to start investing your money do it carefully and in small steps. Start with small amounts and if everything goes smoothly, add new money to your investment bankroll each year. Remember that investments require patience and time so it will take years to see good results.

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