Cheryl Cole overcomes malaria

Cheryl Cole overcomes malaria

Cheryl Cole overcomes malaria

The 27 years old singer, actress and model, Cheryl Cole, collapsed in the weekend at a photo shoot after felling sick for the hole last week. At first she seemed to suffer from gastro-enteritis combined with exhaustion, but her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to the hospital after collapsing.

It is believed that the singer caught the illness in her vacation in Tanzania. Cheryl accompanied her boyfriend, Derek Hough to Tanzania for a holiday and she probably was bitten by a malarial mosquito contracting the tropical disease. Medics say that she must have contracted one of the deadliest forms of malaria, because she was very close to death.

After a couple of days of fighting for her life, Cheryl Cole’s condition started to slowly improve, but she’s far from recuperating. Currently she is not able to talk and she is alternating in and out of consciousness. The doctors are now optimistic and say she will recuperate, but she needs a lot of time and rest to regain her full health. This means that her career must be put on hold at least for few months.

Derek Hough feels guilty for what happened to Cheryl Cole because he insisted for her to join him in the African holiday.  After she was hospitalized he stayed at her side as much as possible and prayed for her health every day. Hough said he still blames himself for Cheryl’s illness but he thanks God that she managed to overcome it.

Cheryl and Derek became a couple few months ago, their love story starting after she separated from her husband, the Chelsea footballer, Ashley Cole in February this year.

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