Is Avatar a racist movie?



After just one month since the launch, Avatar made over $1,420 million worldwide. The most expensive movie ever made at Hollywood proved to be a hit as producers expected. Even months before the launch, Avatar made a fuss but now, after weeks of viewing the movie makes more fuss than ever.

The most heated discussions are created around a simple question: “Is Avatar a racist movie?”

First of all the morality of the movie is too conservative for nowadays, promoting monogamous lifetime “marriage” among the Na’vi race. Regarding this alien people, some critics say that the Na’vi represent African Americans suppressed by the whites. In the film the humans even use the term “blue monkeys” in reference to the Na’vi.

Others consider that the film is an analogy to the oppression of the Native Americans by the U.S. government in the 19th century. At that time, the Native Americans were forced out of their native lands to make room for white people to settle down.

As all box office hit movies, Avatar will continue to make fuss as more and more people will watch it. The producers announced a sequel, so is safe to say that the Avatar Mania is just taking its first steps.

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