Lindsay Lohan, a fallen angel

Lindsay Lohan, a fallen angel

Lindsay Lohan, a fallen angel

Lindsay Dee Lohan is a young American actress, model and pop singer-songwriter that started her career as a child fashion model. At only 11 years old she debuted in the movie industry with a role in “The Parent Trap”.

Because of her premature contact with celebrity life and having almost o childhood, she is having now a very tumultuous life. Due to the party-all-the-time style of life that she is living since teenage, Lohan was photographed by paparazzi in shameful situations.

Lohan performed in over 20 movies and since she launched her musical carrier in 2004, she released two albums, “Speak” and “A Little More Personal”. Her discography also holds seven singles and five music videos.

Lindsay Lohan was seen for a long time as the Hollywood’s most promising young star, but lately she is more famous for her hard-partying lifestyle and the trouble she gets in, than for her talent. By the age of 23 Lohan already been in rehab twice and is still addicted of drugs and alcohol. Her family is desperate and for years is trying in vain to help her overcome her addictions.

The newest scandal that features Lohan is around her sexuality, Lindsday admitting that she is lesbian. After this announcement her father, Michael, started to tell everyone that his daughter is HIV positive. The two Lohans, father and daughter, are in ongoing war for years, ever since Michael hospitalized Linsday in a rehabilitation clinic. The war is not over and it seems that Linsday still has a lot to show us.

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