Top 10 longest running TV soap operas

Top 10 longest running TV soap operas

Top 10 longest running TV soap operas

The soap operas are romantic serials with storylines that continue from one episode to another. The soap operas appeared in United States in 1950s and their name comes from the first dramatic serials broadcasted at the radio that had as sponsors soap manufacturers such as Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble. The radio drama serials targeted the housewives and today the serials broadcasted on television are still watched mainly by female audience.

The top ten longest running TV dramas are:

1. Guiding Light – with more than 15,000 episodes aired in 59 years (from 1952 to 2009), this is currently the longest running drama in television.

2. As the World Turns – started in 1956 and aired for 55 years, this soap opera was created as a sister show for Guiding Light.

3. General Hospital – created 48 years ago, in 1963 this soap opera is the longest running serial produced in Hollywood. The serial is still running at ABC.

4. Days of our Lives – was created 46 years ago and is still running at NBC.

5. One Life to Live – Broadcasted on ABC since 1968 the soap opera will end its television era in 2012 ending the  44 years of production.

6. The Young and the Restless – broadcasted for 43 years (since 1968) the serial is still very appreciated and is expected to run at least until 2014.

7. All My Children – broadcasted since 1970, the serial will end in September2011 after 41 years on the air.

8. Search for Tomorrow – with 35 years on air, this soap opera is one of the first serials of this kind. Started in September 1951 the serial ended in December 1986.

9. Another World – Broadcasted by NBC the soap run from May 1964 to June 1999 (35 years).

10. Love of Life – aired from 1951 to 1980 at CBS the soap opera enters the top with 29 years on the air.

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