Top five celebrities’ makeovers

Top five celebrities’ makeovers

Top five celebrities’ makeovers

Five of the most famous Hollywood female celebrities used to look very different to the way they look now. This is how they looked then and how do they look these days.

1. Angelina Jolie used to wear gothic style clothes and make-up. Few years later we can finally admire her spectacular beauty. Thankfully she ditched that ghost like pallor and greasy locks for more glamour. She’s sexier than ever, and always wears hot stuff.

2. Jessica Alba also had a successful makeover. She looked more like a Halloween ghost than like the hot Latino chick she is these days. Thank goodness she’s stopped wearing that black t-shirts and dark clothes. Now she looks just like a Latino Diva!

3. Eva Longoria used to look like the girl next door wearing heavy make-up and lots of big, sparkling jewelry. The heavy diamantes and overload make-up are gone and are replaced by chic bling and sun-kissed hair.

4. When Kate Winslet started her journey to Hollywood she was just a fresh-faced school girl. After several years, she now bloomed just like a rose and now looks sunkissed and more foxy than ever.

5. Kate Beckinsale changed the short dark hair, white face and heavy make-up for LA hair, golden skin and simply stunning dresses. This is one of the best transformation ever!

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