Top most risky Hollywood productions

Top most risky Hollywood productions

Top most risky Hollywood productions

“Avatar”, to be launched in theaters worldwide on  December the 16th, is the most expensive film in the Hollywood history. Although exact figures are not available is expected that the total cost, including marketing, will reach near $500 million. As we all can imagine this huge investment in a movie is very risky in this financial crisis background.

Though “Avatar” is by far the most risky movie ever made on Hollywood, the industry had some gigantic, long shot productions like: “Titanic”, “The Lord of the Ring” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“Titanic”, the 1997 mega production, held the most expensive movie ever made title before “Avatar”. The James Cameron production had a budget of over $200 million, but proved to be a hit, winning 11 Academy Awards and making over $1.2 billion worldwide.

“The Lord of the Ring” trilogy was also considered very risky, all three movies being shoot together. The total budget of $285 million spent in eight years made it worse in case of failure. The risk taken paid off, “The Lord of the Ring” trilogy making $2.9 billion.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” series had a huge budget too. The first movie cost is $140 million, the second $225 million and the third had a budget of over $300 million. But the series had a huge success, earning in total over $2.6 billion worldwide.

As you can see all previous huge budgets Hollywood productions end up very successful and profitable for its producers. Only time will tell if “Avatar” will do the same.

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