Top ten celebrities in 2010

Top ten celebrities in 2010

Top ten celebrities in 2010

Form all Hollywood celebrities ten starts stand out this year. These celebrities managed to get through this year even better than before, although we all have difficult times because of the financial crisis. Most celebrity’s journalists expected that the economic crash will affect the showbiz making a harder life to the celebrities. This assumption was only half true, because some Hollywood celebrities managed to turn things on into their best advantage.

The top ten celebrities that flourished in 2010 are:

10. Britney Spears: after a down period, Britney Spears managed to get back on the stage. She bounced back really well but this time let’s hope is for good.

9. Tiger Woods: Although he lost several major publicity contracts, Wood continues to be the best paid athlete in the world. On the other hand he was on the first page of newspapers and magazines for weeks.

8. Madonna: she’s not young any more but she knows the showbiz better than ever. She wants to stay in the first line as much as possible and while is there makes a lot of money.

7. Johnny Depp: thanks to the 3D movie “Alice in the Wonderland” and “The Tourist” Jonny Depp cashed in a lot of money in 2010.

6. Sandra Bullock: she won an Oscar, cashed in big time for two hit movies but in also 2010 had a painful divorce. She got over it and now she is back in business.

5. U2: in 2009 the most famous rock band in the world started a world tour that brought more than $300 million gross revenue that adds to other income sources.

4. Lady Gaga: she just entered the showbiz and already has million dollars contracts with big companies besides the $100 million tour.

3. James Cameron: the first 3D movie, “Avatar”, which was a huge box office hit, helped Cameron to get back into the top. He is already working at “Avatar 2” hoping to double this year income.

2. Beyoncé: besides her huge music incomes, the singer also gets a lot of money from publicity contracts and businesses like own fashion line.

1. Oprah Winfrey: the close end of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” didn’t cause her any loss. She even managed to thrive thanks to her own production company and her own television network.

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