Top ten reality shows

Top ten reality shows

Top ten reality shows

The appearance of reality shows changed the television and the entertainment forever. The TV shows based on real life experiences are very popular and brake one audience record after another. Now each major TV channel broadcasts at least one or two reality shows but there are just few shows that really influenced both the television and the life of the watchers.

In the 1980s and 1990s several TV shows were launched giving the start of the reality shows era. “Nummer 28” on Dutch television, “The Real World” on MTV and “Expedition Robinson” on Swedish television were the very first modern reality shows broadcasted on major TV channels.

The top ten reality shows ever broadcasted as popularity and impact in the history of television are:

– American Idol – is a singing competition launched in 2002. This TV show is the most watched TV series ever.

– Survivor – is a contest with participants isolated in wilderness. Each episode a contestant is eliminated and the big winner takes $1,000,000.

– The Amazing Race – teams made of two individuals (friends, family or couple) race all around the world. The objective is to finish first each race the last team of the round being eliminated.

– Big Brother – the TV show is based on the everyday life of contestants living together in a large house.

– The Real World – is the longest running TV show on MTV. The show is based on a group of strangers living together.

– So You Think You Can Dance? – it’s a dance competition where amateur dancers compete in pairs.

– Criss Angel Mindfreak – it’s a magic show based on street magic and special magic tricks performed by the illusionist, musician, and actor Criss Angel.

– The Bachelor – a group of women live together and compete for the heart of a bachelor.

– Fear Factor – the show consist in a stunts competition between participants that are put to the test. They have to complete different stunts better or quicker.

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