Best sports for your health

Best sports for your health

Best sports for your health

Just watching your diet is not enough when it comes to having a nice figure and a strong health. Exercising is equally important to the health and equilibrated diet.

Currently there are many sport activities to choose from but the main question is which sports are the best for your health? And how often do you have to exercise to be in good shape?

According to the scientists the best and healthiest sports are:

Running – is good for cardio respiratory endurance and strengthens the lower body and the waistline. Unfortunately to achieve maximum results requires long distance workouts.

Swimming – is the best choice for cardio respiratory health and overall muscular endurance. To get the best out of it you need 30 minutes of swimming using the right techniques.

Cycling – is a good cardio exercise but is working only with the lower body so only increases the muscular strength and endurance only to the legs.

Squash – is a cardio respiratory workout that builds muscular strength and endurance in the lower body, strengthening the back and the abdomen.

Rowing – is the best sport for cardio respiratory health, muscular strength and endurance. Is one of the few total-body workouts available but needs special equipment to practice it.

Basketball – is one of the easiest and healthiest sports that everyone can practice. It helps you burn extra calories, helps strengthening the cardio respiratory system and increases the whole body endurance.

Each of these sports is extremely good for your health. To be in good shape you need to practice one of these sports at least for 30 min three times a week. That is the minimum requirement because it would be better if you would practice it every day.

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