Conjunctivitis, the pink eye condition

Conjunctivitis, the pink eye condition

Conjunctivitis, the pink eye condition

Conjunctivitis also known as the pink eye condition is an inflammation and infection of the eye. The obvious sign of conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the blood vessels in conjunctiva which makes them visible and gives that impression of pink eyes. Other symptoms indicating conjunctivitis include irritation, itching, foreign body sensation and  watering of the eyes.

The number of conjunctivitis cases is on slowly rise in major cities around the world as more patients are diagnosed with this condition each year. The main causes of eye infection are allergies, viruses, bacteria or chemical substances.

The viral and the bacterial conjunctivitis are contagious and can be easily transmitted from person to person through direct contact or by contact with contaminated objects. That is why the patients with conjunctivitis should follow strict hygiene protocols such as frequent hand washing, personal face towel and use of disposal handkerchiefs for wiping the eyes.

In mild cases the conjunctivitis will pass in three to five days. For bacterial and allergic infections that affect the eye can be administrated specific drugs as ointments and eye drops.

For viral infections there is no specific treatment and it takes some time for the infection to clear by itself. Meanwhile a strict hygiene is necessary and some over-the-counter artificial tears can be used to increase the comfort.

Those using contact lenses should avoid using them until the eyes are cured and ask for the doctor’s opinion before doing that. The use of contact lenses requires a particular attention regarding the hygiene of hands, eyes and contact lenses. In many cases contaminated lenses led to conjunctivitis so pay very much attention to this issue.

Things you can do to prevent conjunctivitis include:

– Wash your hands frequently;

– Avoid touching your eyes with your hands;

– Use your own face towel and change it frequently;

– Do not share with others your eye cosmetics and change them every three months or  throw them away if your eyes are infected.

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