Drinking beer is good for your health

Drinking beer is good for your health

Drinking beer is good for your health

Lots of recent studies show something unexpected: the beer has a very good effect on health. First, scientists and doctors thought that alcohol is bad for the health, affecting in time several body functions. Despite the previous conception, drinking beer seems to have positive effects over your health.

Here are just few of the most important reasons to drink beer for your health:

– Beer is good for the heart: older people that drink some beer every day have up to 50% chances to suffer heart failure.

– It has vitamins: beer is full of rare and important vitamins like magnesium, potassium, selenium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

– Kidney protection: according to doctors, beer protects kidneys against stones and even against biliary calculus.

– Anti stress effects: is known that the alcohol reduces stress, this way having an overall positive effect over the human body.

– Increases liver action: the beer increases the metabolism rate, cleaning out toxins from the liver.

– Beer can prevent strokes: scientific studies showed that moderate beer drinkers have fewer strokes.

These are just few of the reasons that make beer not only the most popular alcohol drink in the world, but a delicious medicine. Cheers!

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