How to eat and lose weight

How to eat and lose weight

How to eat and lose weight

Many people that want to lose weight think that the only way to do that is to eat less. This measure does work, but is not the only way. Is possible to lose weight and eat as much as before. You only need to respect some simple rules.

– First of all start exercise every day. You can start with 10 minutes walks and increase the intensity and duration slowly in time.

– Replace the junk food with healthy food and you can even eat more. You should replace burgers and potatoes chips with fresh vegetables and fruits. They have fewer calories and, in the same time, are better for your health, having no cholesterol.

– Every once in a while give yourself some food prizes. It’s ok to eat some pizza or some chocolate, but just a little bit. It helps if you drink first a few glasses of water and eat a bowl of raw veggies to fill you up. This way you will have less room for the junk food.

– Eat more no calories salads. Carrots, red cabbage, celery, broccoli, onion, etc., are known as low calories or no calories vegetables. Salads made out of these will fill you up but won’t make you gain weight.

If you respect these rules you will see results in no time. It’s important to see it like a new way of life and not just a diet. This way your results will last.

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