How to get the perfect smile

How to get the perfect smile

How to get the perfect smile

We all want to have the perfectly white smile, but without visiting the dentist. The perfect smile gives you more self confidence and makes you feel more attractive whether you’re young or not, boy or girl.

A perfect smile is a must for the celebrities working in entertainment industry and tends to become mandatory even for other people that have a normal life. So let’s focus on how to obtain a perfect smile without visiting the dentist.

Currently there are multiple solutions that promise you will get the smile that you wish. There are teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, dental trays and even dental paint on products available. All these products are available in supermarkets or pharmacies and are especially designed to be used at home. These products are based on bleaching substances. They are safe to use but don’t over use them, because a long term use can affect your teeth.

There are also some traditional methods that can whiten your teeth, such as: bicarbonate, lemon juice paste with salt and inner orange peel. A daily gargle with bicarbonate or cleaning your teeth with salt lemon paste or rubbing your teeth with the white part of orange peel could make miracles for the color of your teeth.

Besides all these products or traditional methods you should not forget the most important thing regarding your teeth’s health and beauty: the prevention. To prevent your teeth changing their color you must not smoke on any circumstances, avoid consumption of coffee, red wine, and sodas. On the other hand you should eat more apples, carrots and cucumbers that remove bacteria and have a positive effect on the teeth.

Another important aspect is brushing. Brush your teeth thoroughly two or three times a day. That will keep your teeth healthy, shiny and white.

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