How to keep your brain young and healthy

How to keep your brain young and healthy

How to keep your brain young and healthy

Did it happened to you to forget things that you always remembered, do you think your mind is not as sharp as it used to be or do you want to keep your brain young and healthy as much as possible? Then you need to know what things can help you do that.

1. First of all you should use it daily for activities that consist in exercises for the mind. Your brain is a learning machine, so you should keep it trained so the brain doesn’t start to slow down. Usually after age of 30, the brain tends to slow down. Keep it busy every day and don’t let it slow down.

2. Make some exercises, because aerobics supplies more oxygen for the brain. More oxygen means healthy, young brain so grab you training shoes and get out to exercise and to feed your brain cells with some fresh oxygen.

3. Avoid stress and stay calm, because stress can disturb the cognitive processes and can affect the way your brain works.

4. Sleep is very important, because the brain needs it to recover. More than that while sleeping, your brain is capable to synthesize complex information, so you may find solutions to your most difficult problems.

5. A regular and balanced diet can help your brain to stay young. Fish, blueberries, nuts and seeds, vegetables, oil, microalgae and green tea are the best foods for your brain.

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