Infertility, a problem increasingly common

Infertility, a problem increasingly common

Infertility, a problem increasingly common

The infertility consists in the incapacity of conceiving after more than a year of trying, affecting both men and women. The number of infertile couples constantly increased in the last 20-30 years and now there are countries with infertility rates as high as 10% of the population. The infertility can have many causes but fortunately there are also many treatments available.

The impact that infertility has in the social environment and for human development led to substantial medical research in this field, some studies being successful.

For women the most common infertility causes are endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), while for men the infertility is caused by low sperm counts and local blockages in the reproductive system.

The first step in treating the infertility is to determine the exact situation and the cause of the condition by taking the proper tests. The right treatment for each infertility case can be determined only based on the results of the infertility tests.

The intrauterine insemination and the in vitro fertilization are the most common solutions for couple infertility problems. These solutions get better each day and the success rates are quite high. Other alternative treatments include acupuncture, natural supplements, and relaxing/mediation exercises such as yoga.

Apparently the high levels of daily stress that affects an individual on long time periods can lead to fertility problems especially for individuals over 30 years. In many cases the infertility is accompanied by other stress related conditions and once these negative factors are removed, the fertility problem is solved.

Although the treatments are now very good resolving so many cases of couple infertility, there are still some cases that cannot be solved. Under these circumstances the only solution remained is the adoption. The adoptions require more time and involve a lot of formalities but in the end the willing couple can have a child or even several children, forming a true family.

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