Pilates workout benefits

Pilates workout benefits

Pilates workout benefits

Created abut a century ago by German gymnast named Joseph Pilates, this method of workout focuses on control, concentration, precision and breathing. The method has known some addition over time, but the basics remain the same.

Pilates method aims to increase the control, flexibility and the strength of the whole body. Currently there are more than 30,000 Pilates trainers around the world and more than 12 million people practice this method of workout regularly.

Among the most important benefits brought by Pilates methods we can find:

– better flexibility;

– increased muscle strength;

– better muscular control and coordination;

– greater awareness of posture and better stability;

– relaxation in the upper body.

The greatest advantage of Pilates method is that it can be practiced by everyone, whether is young or old, beginner or advanced. Even pregnant women can practice Pilates but only with experienced and accredited Pilates trainers.

There are two types of Pilates workouts: mattress based and equipment based. The Mat-based Pilate workout consists in exercises performed on the floor on a mattress using the gravity and the body weight to provide resistance. In equip-based workout are used specific equipments such as weights to create the resistance.

In Pilates workouts the quality of the exercises is more important than the quantity. Only the correct position and the right moves doubled by proper breathing will lead to the best results.

Pilates does not focus on each group of muscles, but on the whole body. This means you will gain a lean look without any pumped up muscles. Pilates is a mind-body workout so it also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and helps lift depression.

The Pilates sessions usually last between 54 and 90 minutes. It is recommended to practice Pilates two or three times a week and the first noticeable results in posture and general aspect will show after 10 to 15 sessions.

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