Smoking effects on your health

Smoking effects on your health

Smoking effects on your health

It’s not a novelty that smoking seriously affects your health. Medical statistics say that over 430,000 people die each year due to a smoking related disease only in the US.

The worldwide figures are even more dramatic and the worst part is that other millions of people continue to smoke, slowly killing themselves. Besides nicotine, the cigarettes contain other 20 cancer-causing chemicals that slowly poison the human body.

It is obvious that the lungs are the most affected organs by smoking, but doctors also discovered that the heart is just as affected. The heart diseases such as coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke are more common in smokers than lung disease like chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

The fertility of both men and women is seriously affected by this unhealthy habit. Recent studies show that smoking affects especially the reproductive system of women. The risk of cervical cancer is higher for smoking women and the menopause can occur few years earlier than normally. In men smoking creates circulation problems which can induce impotence and influences the level of sex hormones.

Smoking also affects the immune system, so all those cigarettes lovers are highly vulnerable to infections. The damaged circulation and the infection vulnerability can lead to gangrene and even amputation for common infections.

Other effects of smoking include thyroid diseases, cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus, pneumonia, asthma, cancer of stomach and colon, leukemia and osteoporosis. These are just some of the diseases produced by smoking. The full list is much longer and some doctors say that the number of smoking related diseases can be even larger.

Take a good look at these negative effects that smoking has on your body and quit smoking before it is too late. In most cases quitting smoking produces an immediate improvement in general health condition.

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