Top ten foods you should eat organic

Top ten foods you should eat organic

Top ten foods you should eat organic

Organic food is for many just a trend but the organic food has many advantages for your health. The non organic fruits and vegetables are treated with different pesticides and could be genetically modified. The non organic food has less minerals and vitamins but more toxins and pesticides. The organic foods are produced without pesticides, chemically created fertilizers and do not contain genetically modified organisms.

The organic food producers need to respect some high standards during the production process and eventually the organic food is more nutritive healthier and has a better quality.

The organic crop productivity is lower than the productivity of non organic crops so the organic food is more expensive. A healthy diet based only on organic food is quite expensive so, for many of us is unaffordable.

Some foods are more toxic than others so it’s enough to buy these ones organic to improve your diet making it healthier.

The top ten foods better to eat organic due to the high levels of pesticides contained in their common form are:

Apples – is the best choice for a healthy snack, is rich in fibers and vitamin C;

Strawberries – the high concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants completes the low sugar and fiber content;

Bell Peppers – containing many vitamins, the bell peppers whether they are green, yellow or red should be part of the everyday meals;

Peaches – a fruit full of vitamins good for desert;

Apricots – rich in vitamins and recommended as part of a healthy diet, the apricots can contain high concentrations of pesticides and chemical fertilizers;

Cantaloupe – Mexican Cantaloupe naturally contains a high concentration of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, and potassium.

Spinach – the Niacin, Zinc and fibers from spinach lower the cholesterol levels;

Celery – recommended in diets due to the fibers, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, molybdenum and manganese;

Green Beans – good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium;

Cherries – contains high levels of Vitamin A and C besides fibers and healthy, natural sugar.

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