Afghan drug addiction

Afghan drug addiction

Afghan drug addiction

Since the war started in Afghanistan, the drug use in the country raised dramatically. One million Afghans with the age between 15 and 64 are drug addicts, meaning that 8% of the population is addicted to drugs.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of heroin, opium and hashish. Cannabis is also cultivated on large scale due to the low cost required for crops.

From all drugs available in this poor country opium seems to be the most popular drug. 60% of the drug users tried at least once in their life this powerful drug. A very disturbing fact drew the attention of the authorities: some drug users even gave powerful drugs like opium to their children, condemning them to a life of self destruction and addiction.

The local authorities try their best to fight this situation so they created about 40 drug treatment centers all over the country, but this is not enough. Only 10% of the drug addicts received some kind of treatment and the main reason for that is the economical situation.

The drugs crops are the only source of income for most farmers that also have large families to support. The Taliban traffic the drugs this being their main source of funding. Although destroying the crops could seem the best solution is not the case because will cut the farmers’ only source of income making their lives even more difficult.

The Afghan drug addiction is a complicated problem that will take a long time and hard efforts to be solved. The first and most important step in solving this situation should be the end of war that can bring a trace of normality in the economical and social situation of this country.

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