Top ten most corrupt leaders in the world

Top ten most corrupt leaders in the world

Top ten most corrupt leaders in the world

It’s safe to say that every country in the world has its own corrupt politicians, but some countries even had a corrupt prime minister or even president. This is the top ten most corrupt country leaders in the world, in the last twenty years, with an estimation of funds embezzled:

10. Joseph Estrada, ($80 million): former actor, mayor of San Juan for 17th years, Estrada was the president of Philippines for only for three years (1998-2001). In 2001 was accused of corruption and removed from office.

9. Arnoldo Alemán,( over $100 million): the former president of Nicaragua (1997-2002), was accused of money laundering, embezzlement and corruption and sentenced, in 2003 to 20 years of prison. Due to health problems he serviced his prison sentence at house arrest. In 2009 he was cleared of the sentence.

8. Pavlo Lazarenko, ($200 million): prime minister of Ukraine (1996-1997), in 2006 he was sentenced to 9 years of prison for money laundering, extortion and wire fraud. He currently serves his time in the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California.

7. Jean-Claude Duvalier, ($500 million): known as “Baby Doc”, he inherited the title of “president for life” at the age of 19 after his father death. After two years of revolt, Duvalier renounces his office and goes to France where he still currently lives.

6. Alberto Fujimori, ($600 million): president of Peru from 1990 was removed from office in 2000, after being charged of corruption and human rights violation. After five years of a self-imposed exile, Fujimori was detained during a visit to Chile in November 2005 and extradited to Peru to face charges. In 2009 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

5. Slobodan Milosevic, ($1 billion): president of Yugoslavia and Serbia (1989-2000) was charged of abuse of power and corruption in 2001, but died before the end of the trial.

4. Mobutu Sese Seko, ($5 billion): was the president of Zaire (1965-1997) until 1997 when rebel forces expelled him from the country. He died one year later in Morocco.

3.  Sani Abacha, ($5 billion): president of Nigeria (1993–1998) was accused of human rights abuses and corruption. He died in office at age of 54.

2. Ferdinand Marcos, ($10 billion): his leadership as president of the Philippines (1972–1986) was marked by political repression, corruption, nepotism and human rights violations. In 1986 he was exiled to Hawaii, where he died three years later at age of 72.

1. Mohamed Suharto, ($30 billion): president of Indonesia, Suharto ruled for 32 years (1967–1998), but was forced to resign in 1998 after the collapse of the Indonesian economy due to the Asian financial crisis. There were several attempts to charge him with corruption and human rights violations but all were dismissed for health reasons. He died in 2008 at age of 86.

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