Top ten most democratic countries

Top ten most democratic countries

Top ten most democratic countries

The democracy represents a political system in which all the people of the country have equal control over the national matters through referendum and elected representatives. The history of democracy starts in ancient Greece where Athenian citizens had the right to vote the laws of state in the Assembly.

The democracy has come a long way since that ancient times and now most countries are democratic. Now the most important features of democracy include civil liberties, politic rights, freedom of press and the low level of corruption. These features differentiate the states by the level of democracy implemented.

The top ten most democratic states are:

Finland – in 1906, Finland was the first nation in the world to adopt the universal suffrage (at that time Finland was autonomous Grand Principality in the Russian Empire). They were also the first nation to allow women as candidates, in 1907 being recorded the first women (19 members of the Parliament) ever to be elected in a public office.

Sweden – although Sweden has a unitary parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, nowadays is considered one of the most democratic European countries.

Denmark – it’s another unitary parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy but has a long history of democracy starting with the 1915 universal suffrage.

Norway – was the first independent country ever to allow women to vote and candidate.

Switzerland – since 1848 Switzerland is governed by representative direct democracy, the citizens having the power to overturn the parliament’s decisions.

Netherlands – it’s one of the most liberal countries in Europe. Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy ruled by a constitutional monarch.

Canada –the democratic elected parliament and the constitutional monarchy govern this North American country that distinguishes as an example of democracy.

Austria – after World War I the universal suffrage was adopted allowing women to express their vote.

Germany – is a federal, parliamentary and representative democratic republic that guarantees civil liberties, politic rights and freedom of press.

Belgium – adopted the universal suffrage in 1948 and is now a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.

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