Top ten oldest countries in the world

Top ten oldest countries in the world

Top ten oldest countries in the world

Currently there are 195 countries in the world. Some of them are very old countries, most of them are few centuries old and some were formed in the last few decades. We all heard about the youngest countries formed during our lives but when it comes to oldest countries many of us don’t even know which are the first states that emerged throughout the history of human kind.

Recordings, physical evidences and historians’ well founded assumptions contributed to a final list of top ten oldest countries in the world. These are:

Egypt (3150-3500 B.C.) – The King Menes founded the first Egyptian kingdom starting the line of pharaoh dynasties that ruled the country for three thousand years.

India (3000 B.C) – The Indus Valley civilization is the first form of urban civilization in Asia.

Ethiopia (2500-3000 B.C) – The land of Punt was a close trading partner with Egypt many recordings dating back from 2500 B.C. containing references to the Ancient country.

China (2100–1600 B.C) – Xia Dynasty appears to be the first Chinese dynasty, but the archeological evidences are for now limited.

Iran (625-559 B.C.) – The Medes unified the tribes living in the Iran territory creating the empire that later will become the huge Persian Empire.

San Marino (301 AD) – The city-state was founded by Saint Marinus who settled near Monte Titano to  escape Diocletianic Persecution.

France (486 AD) – The unification made by Clovis, the first French king, marks the beginning of the country that will later have a great influence in Europe.

Bulgaria (632 AD) – Asparukh founded the First Bulgarian Empire establishing the capital at Pliska.

Japan (660 AD) – Jimmu is considered the first emperor, the one that founded the Japanese nation, but his existence is under debate.

Turkey (900 AD) – during Seljuq dynasty the Turks migrated to the territory of the modern Turkey giving birth to what later would become the Ottoman Empire.

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