Top ten US presidents

Top ten US presidents

Top ten US presidents

In two centuries of great history, the United States of America had 44 presidents. Some of them were exceptional figures while others are long forgotten. The times were both good and bad, the presidents having a great importance in how things developed during their office.

There were many important presidents that had a significant positive influence in the history of the United States it’s rather difficult to choose just ten. This is the list of top ten US presidents created with much effort and maximum severity regarding their positive role in history:

– Abraham Lincoln is the 16th US President (1861 – 1865). He led United States during the Civil War.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt is the 32nd US President (1933 – 1945). He faced the second world war and economic crisis while in office.

– George Washington is the 1st President of US (1789 – 1797). He is now considered the “father of the country”.

– Thomas Jefferson is the 3rd President (1801–1809) and the main author of the Declaration of Independence.

– Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt is the 26th President of US (1901–1909). Teddy founded numerous nature reserves to protect the wildlife that he appreciated deeply.

– Woodrow Wilson is the 28th President of US (1913 – 1921). During his mandate US entered the World War but he contributed to the creation of League of Nations that later becomes the United Nations.

– Harry S. Truman is the 33rd president of US (1945–1953), serving during the worst times in history. Among most notable actions in his mandate we find: stopping the racial discrimination in the army, the use of nuclear weapons, founding the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

– Dwight D. Eisenhower is the 34th president of US (1953 – 1961). Excepting the economic crisis from 1958-1959 he served during a peaceful and prosperous times.

– Ronald Reagan is the 40th president of US (1981–1989). The famous former actor supported tax reductions and low inflation rates leading this way to economic growth and prosperity.

– Andrew Jackson is the 7th president of US (1829–1837). His influence is still disputed, being praised for his democratic nature but  condemned for Indian relocations and supporting slavery.

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