Top youngest states in the world

Top youngest states in the world

Top youngest states in the world

The number of independent states has increased over time, currently reaching 203 sovereign states. Countries like Egypt, Japan, France, United Kingdom or Russia have a very long history that goes back millenniums ago.

Besides these states that have known centuries of independence and sovereignty, some states barely have few decades of independence. In the past 30 years never the less than 14 new states were born gaining their independence as nations.

For some countries the independence came after was or conflicts while others gain their independence just by signing a document.

These new-born states are:

– Belize, a Central American country that was part of the British Empire, gained its full independence in September 21th, 1981;

– Antigua and Barbuda, two small islands in the Caribbean Sea, gained its independence from United Kingdom in November 1st, 1981;

– Saint Kitts and Nevis, located in Leeward Islands, West Indies, also gained its independence from the United Kingdom on September 19th, 1983;

– Brunei, located in Southeast Asia on the north coast of the island of Borneo, this state claimed its sovereignty from United Kingdom in 1984;

– Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Moldova, gained their independence during the Soviet Union collapse in 1991;

– Macedonia and Slovenia declared their independence from Yugoslavia in 1991;

– Bosnia and Herzegovina is a South European country that gained its independence in 1992, during the Yugoslavian war;

– Slovakia has declared itself a sovereign state in 1992 and became an independent nation in January 1st, 1993;

– Eritrea, located in the North East Africa gained its independence from Ethiopia in May 24th, 1993;

– Palau, the small island located in the Pacific Ocean became fully independent in October 1st, 1994;

– Kosovo, claimed its independence in 1992 but was recognized only by Albania; on February 17th 2008 Kosovo successfully declared its independence becoming the newest independent state in the world.

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