United States and Russia still spying each other

United states and Russia still spying each other

United states and Russia still spying each other

The stories of Russian and American spies during the Cold War were good novel and movie scenarios for a long period of time. In the past ten years no one paid attention to these stories any more, because nobody believed that these powerful countries continued their spying activities. The recent developments proved us that we ere all wrong.

It all started a month ago with a curious meeting between president Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The presidential meeting took place in a fast food restaurant near Washington. After the meeting, President Obama said that the two countries finally reset their relationship. No one knew what is he really talking about and the first clue appeared just four days later, when ten Russian agents were arrested in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia.

The list with the Russian spies was made public and in a matter of days the two countries made a deal to exchange agents. The ten Russian spies were meant to be exchanged for four US agents caught by Russian authorities.

One of the American agents involved in the exchange is Igor Sutyagin. He is a Russian arms researcher accused to have sent secret information to the Americans, but he never admitted these charges. Many political analysts say that the he is the real reason for what the deal was made in the first place.

The exchange was made on an airport in Vienna, where the two planes landed and exchanged the occupants. The ten spies cannot return to the United States unless they have special permission and they cannot sell their story in US.

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