All about touch-screens

All about touch-screens

All about touch-screens

The touch-screens are part of our everyday life but just ten years ago mobile phones or computers that interact with the user by simply touching the screen  were like from the distant future or a science fiction movie.

The history of the touch-screens starts back in 1965 when the first touch sensing technology was created.  Since then several different technologies were developed and later implemented in different systems.

The touch-screen technology was firstly implemented at large scale on large devices such as touristic kiosks, ATMs and point of sale systems. This way the newest display touching technology slowly entered in our everyday routine.

In the recent years the touch-screen technologies pushed back the size boundaries and eventually made its way to the small devices area. Now we have touch-screens in Smartphones, PDAs, tablets, portable game consoles, GPS devices, music players and so many other electronic devices.

The classic touch-screens can sense only one point of contact but the newest touch-screen technology, already implemented on several devices, can sense two points of contact and their movement on the screen’s surface. This new and ingenious type of touch-screens uses the multi-touch technology.

The touch-screen technologies were patented in 1970s and 1980s so their exclusive license expired. This means that the touch-screen technologies can be implemented by any electronics manufacturer so is expected that the number of electronics, devices or machines that have a touch-screen to increase rapidly in the next few years.

The production costs for touch-screen technology are decreasing as the initial implementing costs are already covered by the current production. This also encourages manufacturers to use the touch-screen displays as much as possible.

The specialists estimate that in no more than five or ten years the touch screen technology will be part of all aspects of our lives improving the way we interact with different electronic devices that we use daily.

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