Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence it’s a scientific major objective that many scientists hope to achieve. The artificial intelligence consists in a man created system that is aware of the environment and takes actions according to the past and current experience. This process of learning from past experiences and taking action as a reaction to present situation is common among living creatures. The computers or robots have a limited response which depends on the previous programming.

The computers and the robots are created to do only the things that are programmed for. These man created systems do not really interact with the environment or with other individuals. The artificial intelligence will permit them to interact with other individuals and to the environmental changes.

The creation of artificial intelligence rises a lot of questions and is already a hot topic. The philosophic and ethical issues are the most important aspects when it comes to artificial intelligence. Various books and movies were based on this particular subject but things are just started.

The idea of a robot or a computer with artificial intelligence dates back from mid 20th century but there is a long way to get there. Scientists all over the world work continuously to create the first machine with artificial intelligence but they didn’t get too far. There are so many aspects needed to be fully understood and then reproduced that now, the artificial intelligence seems as far as it did in the early years.

There were some small achievements recently made by scientists working at this exceptional project and the TOPIO robot is a good example. Created in 2005 but presented to the public in 2007 at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, TOPIO is a humanoid robot that uses an artificial intelligence system to play table tennis against a human being. He has the ability to learn and continuously improve his tennis skills while playing.

TOPIO is a real success, but is just a small step in what is supposed to be the real man created machine with artificial intelligence capability.

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