Desktop, laptop or tablet?

Desktop laptop or tablet?

Desktop laptop or tablet?

The computers and gadgets are present in our everyday life more than ever. Many youngsters cannot imagine life without the computer or mobile phone. These devices practically took over our lives and converted many of us in technology addicts.

The desktop computers that at first were used only at work later entered our houses and became personal computers. Their size diminished, their speed increased and their accessibility improved, the desktop reaching incredible performances. According to some statistics there are about 1 billion computers in the world and the number of users might be double.

The laptop was a big step taken by IT producers reducing the computer’s hardware to a small mobile device with the same capabilities as a computer. The laptop has the great advantage that can be used practically anywhere but keeps the same speed and memory features as a personal computer.

The features of laptops also improved and their size reduced. The notebooks and net books were developed to cover the demand for smaller and thinner devices that could be used for general computer purposes and internet browsing.

The latest gadget that conquered the world is the tablet. The tablet has the same characteristics of a personal computer but it’s equipped with a touchscreen used for input. Practically the old type desktop computer is now reduced to a small screen-type device. The applications available for the tablets are still limited as the tablets do not have the same application capabilities as a computer, but as things went so far in few years we will definitely have tablets with the same features.

In most developed countries many households have all three devices, the family members using them in parallel. Desktops, laptops and tablets are all electronic consumables that wear out so every two or three years the devices are changed with new ones. Each new generation of computers, laptops and tablets is better, faster and smaller than de previous one so we all wonder what’s next?

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