Do the students learn mathematics better using the computer?

Do the students learn mathematics better using the computer?

Do the students learn mathematics better using the computer?

The computer became an essential asset in the everyday life of students. The computer is mainly used for research and homework, but everyone thinks that the computer will eventually replace the teachers. Some companies and universities even developed software that teachers use every day in math classes.

Mathematica Policy Research Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey conducted a two years study to determine if the special software helps students to learn better mathematics. The total cost of the study is about $14.5 million, but the money comes from the U.S. Department of Education.

During this study they tested how four different math products influence the students test results compared to control groups in which students didn’t use the special software. The two year results of the study show that the students did not significantly improved their scores. Some groups had better results but the overall result say that the software does not bring substantial improvement to the students test results.

The study is criticized by both teachers and software developers, that claim the period was too short so the teachers and students didn’t had enough time to get use to it. This is the reason they didn’t get to use the software at the maximum potential.

Unfortunately the funds allocated to the study are over so the researchers can not follow the test groups to see if it eventually will achieve any notable results.

This analysis is a small, unrepresentative one, so the results cannot be generalized. Maybe further studies will have more relevant result because the research on this subject is only at the beginning.

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