Electric cars start to win the buyers

Electric cars start to win the buyers

Electric cars start to win the buyers

The electric cars are full electric propelled automobiles that use plug-in batteries as power source instead of fuel combustion as the classic cars do. The concept of electric automobile is not new, the first electric cars being used in the early 20th century. At that point the electric automobiles offered more comfort than the cars on gasoline but in short time the mass production and larger range of gasoline cars made them cheaper and more appealing to masses.

The use of electric cars declined and by late 1930s there were practically out of use at global level. The recent environmental issues brought back into the spotlights the concept of electric cars that have no CO2 emissions and are considered clean.

At this point there are just few electric cars models available on the market. These are Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i MiEV and Th!nk City. These models are just the beginning of what electric cars industry will become in the near future.

For now the electric cars have low range and low speed capabilities, but better models will enter the mass production this year or in the next one.

Although the electric automobiles are smaller, with reduced capabilities and more expensive than the cars on gas, many buyers have appreciated the ecological aspects and purchased an electric car. Starting with this year many European Union member states will offer grants and tax reductions for electric cars acquisitions following the US and UK example that already encourage the acquisition of plug-in electric vehicles.

Most specialists in the auto industry predict that by 2020 more than 30% of the cars running on the road will be green cars, meaning electric or plug-in hybrids. By 2030 the gasoline cars might be out of use, being totally replaced by electric vehicles.

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