From microscope to telescope

From microscope to telescope

From microscope to telescope

The science nowadays reached unexpected levels of development. The newest cutting edge technologies continue to develop and they are immediately introduced in research. The microscopes and telescopes are among the instruments without which many scientific discoveries would not have been made.

The history of the instrument used for observing objects too small to be seen with the naked eye starts around 1600 when the first optical microscopes were developed. Just half a century later the microscopes were used widely for research in Italy, Holland and England. A very important step in the development of microscopy was made in 1893 when August Köhler implemented a new technique for sample illumination known as Köhler illumination.

In early 1900 a new type of microscope was developed: the transmission electron microscope. This instrument used electrons to generate the image and was very popular especially after World War II. In late 20th century other types of microscopes were developed such as scanning probe microscopes, fluorescence microscope and confocal microscopes.

The telescope is the instrument used to observe the remote objects. The first telescopes were developed in Netherlands in early 17th century and were used in both terrestrial and astronomical applications. Isaac Newton was the first to build a practical reflecting telescope known as the Newtonian reflector.

The 20th century brought many discoveries and many new types of telescopes including X-ray telescope, infrared telescope and submillimetre telescope.

The telescopes had a great importance in the discovery of many important things about the planets, starts and the out space.

These two instruments played a major role in many sciences, but the importance of the microscope in medicine is more than obvious. Practically the microscope opened the way to advanced medicine and extraordinary treatments. On the other hand the telescopes helped us find the answers to many questions regarding the universe and the planets.

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