Is there life close to planet Earth?

Is there life close to planet Earth?

Is there life close to planet Earth?

Is there life on other planets? Are there life forms other than the ones on Planet Earth? Is Earth the only planet in the Solar System inhabited or there are more?

These are just few questions of the long list that started to appear in our mind once the man fled towards space. The idea of extraterrestrial life caught the imagination of hundreds of writers and film producers on one hand and millions of readers and viewers on the other hand.

Several decades after, scientists still try to find out if is possible and if other planets close to us are inhabited by living forms or at least there were at some point in time. No other planet in the Solar System has the environment that made life on Earth possible. But that does not necessarily mean that life is excluded.

Researchers at the National Research Council of Canada, the University of Toronto and the SETI Institute have discovered that methane-eating bacteria survive in a unique spring located on Axel Heiberg Island in Canada’s extreme North. The same scientists say that the spring is very similar to possible past or present springs on Mars, and therefore the springs on Mars could support life.

Mars is the next planet in the Solar System after Earth, as distance from the Sun. There was strong evidence that once Mars had liquid water on its surface but recent evidence suggests that any water on the Martian surface would have been too salty and acidic to support terrestrial life. That does not prevent researchers to seek for new types of life forms and evidences that Mars could support them.

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