Microsoft Surface, the next generation of computers

Microsoft Surface, the next generation of computers

Microsoft Surface, the next generation of computers

We all like to imagine what the future will look like, especially in the information technology (IT) domain. Movies like “Minority Report”, “Avatar” and “Star Trek” showed us how Hollywood writers imagine the future technologies. Seeing those movies we are tempted to think that all those incredible technologies are far away in time, so we might be surprised how close to the present they really are.

Microsoft is one of the leading companies in technology research and always comes with innovations. For the past seven years, Microsoft’s best IT scientists worked on a secret project called Milan. The central point of the project is the new generation of computers named Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface is a coffee-table machine build around the “surface computing” concept. Basically, the computer is integrated in a form of a coffee-table and the only way to interact with it is by using the “multitouch” screen on the top. Surface uses various wireless protocols, special machine-readable tags and shape recognition software and radio frequency identification to synchronize instantly with any device that touches its surface (cell phone, camera, etc.).

The multitouch screen allows the simultaneously use of multiple fingers and multiple users, supporting complex gestures, including grabbing, stretching, swiveling and sliding virtual objects across the table.

Surface computers will be used first by casinos, hotels and mobile phone companies, following that in a few years to finally reach our homes.

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