Nanotechnology in cosmetics

Nanotechnology in cosmetics

Nanotechnology in cosmetics

The nanotechnology is the science studying the microscopic materials or devices with dimensions ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. To fully understand how small these materials really are imagine particles 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Nanotechnology is one of the most recently developed sciences but it managed to get into our everyday life incredibly fast.

One of the fields in which nanotech became an important factor is represented by cosmetics and body care. Many of the cosmetic products that can be found in drugstores or even malls and supermarkets are the results of nanotechnology applications.

The nanotech elements that most face creams and body care products contain are not necessarily new, but thanks to the nanotechnology they are more powerful and more efficient.  Let’s take for example the zinc. This mineral powder has been used in creams and ointments for decades, but now, the zinc particles processed using nanotechnology are much smaller and penetrate better the skin. As a consequence the product has a better effect than before.

The nanotechnology applications in cosmetics have an uncontestable positive effect on our life even if most of us don’t really see it. The use of nanotechnology in cosmetics and body care industry is not something easy to notice because the general aspect of the products is not different than before. The nano particles are so small and so easy to incorporate that we didn’t even notice a change in our favorite body care products.

As a final conclusion we can say that the development of nanotechnology and its applications in cosmetics and body care industry has only positive sides, bringing only benefits to the consumers. As this science is relatively new and is already present in our lives, we can only imagine that in ten years from now or even earlier, the nanotechnology could change the world we are living in.

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