Russian scientists want to save us from the Apophis asteroid

The orbit of Apophis

The orbit of Apophis

The 270 meters asteroid was first discovered in 2004, when scientists estimated that the chances of hitting the earth in 2029 would be 1 in37.

Furthermore analysis removed the possibility of an impact, astronomers currently considering that the Apophis asteroid will pass about 29,450 kilometers from Earth’s surface.

Although American scientists do not consider the asteroid a real danger for Earth, Russian astronomers intend to send a spacecraft to draw off to a different course or destroy Apophis. Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, will call a meeting to discuss the mission, where will be also invited scientists from the NASA, Indian Space Research Organization, European Space Agency, Chinese Space Agency and others astronomers associations.

Right after Apophis was discovered, NASA made a plan to send a spacecraft to the asteroid in 2019, but only in case the threat did not disappear completely before 2013. After more thorough analysis and observation, the chances to hit the Earth reduced drastically to four in a million, so NASA considers the plan useless.

The most powerful and recent asteroid impact took place in 1908 in Tunguska region in Siberia, Russia. The impact affected vegetation over 40 km away from the ground zero, tearing down the trees.

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