Smartphones: trend or necessity?

Smartphones: trend or necessity?

Smartphones: trend or necessity?

The Christmas is always a good moment for new gadgets acquisitions. In the past few years, the mobile phones sales skyrocketed each year during winter holidays, many considering the latest model of mobile phone the best gift for loved ones. Teenagers and young people see mobile phones as an indicator of how “cool” you are and for them the cell phone must be in the trend.

Having the latest model of mobile phone is a must these days, but it seems to become also a necessity. The newest type of mobile phone is used more like a mini computer than just like a phone.  These state of the art mobile phones are called smartphones.

The smartphones have operating systems just like computers and can support different applications. Using a smartphone you can surf the internet, check your email, log on to facebook and twitter accounts, read and create office documents and play dozens of Java based games.

There are different operating systems for smartphones including Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iOS and the Windows Phone. Android and Symbian are the two most used smartphone operating systems worldwide, covering more than 60% of the smartphone market.

Each new generation of smartphones brings more powerful processors, larger memory and bigger touch screens with better display. Each year these characteristics are twice as better and the smartphone slowly slides towards a mini computer device.

The need for a small mobile computer is clear and the big and heavy laptops are now outdated. Everyone carries around a mobile phone so if it can be also used as a small computer, the better.

According to the specialists, in the near future the smartphones and the PC tablets will merge creating the perfect device that will satisfy all the needs of an individual always on the move. Looking at the latest generations of smartphones and tablets we can safely say that we will get there soon enough.

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