Solar radiations, the danger from space

Solar radiations, the danger from space

Solar radiations, the danger from space

One of the most dangerous things that surround us continuously is represented by the solar radiations. The solar radiations are created by the sun’s energy that is created in its core. In the huge pressure form the core of the sun forces hydrogen atoms to fuse into helium by nuclear fusion. It’s estimated that the temperatures at the core are approximately 15 million degrees Kelvin which represent 15 million degrees Celsius or 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

The total quantity of energy emitted by the sun is about 63,000,000 Watts per square meter consisting in huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation, substantial amounts of energy in the ultraviolet and infrared bands and smaller amounts of energy in the microwave, radio, X-ray and gamma ray bands.

These huge amounts of energy in the form of radiations emitted by the sun travel throughout the universe and hit the planets and other space objects that can be found in our galaxy.

The surface of the sun called photosphere is marked by extreme solar events, such as flares, coronal mass ejections and radio bursts. The radiations emitted by these huge explosions in the form of flares are more concentrated than the regular sun radiations. Scientists say that these solar events affect our lives more than we can imagine.

The Earth has a magnetic field that protects us form these radiations, letting only 2% of radiation to pass through in the form of ultraviolet light. So the Earth keeps us safe, but the attempt to conquer the space brings new challenges to the mankind. The Moon for example does not have any protection so if a human living there would be totally exposed to space radiations.

Currently, scientists try to find a way to detect the higher level of radiations formed from solar explosions as a first step in protecting the astronauts that could be sent in space missions like Moon and Mars landings.

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