Some scientific weird stuff

Some scientific weird stuff

Some scientific weird stuff

Did you know that.…

– Lightnings can carry huge amounts of electricity, which can start from 100 million volts and can reach 1 billion volts?

– The only wood that being so dense can’t float on water is the Black Ironwood tree (Olea laurifolia) from South Africa while the volcanic pumice it’s less dense than water, so it’s a rock that can float?

– More than 97% of the water on earth is undrinkable?

– Truffles are currently more valuable than gold, an ounce being evaluated at thousands of dollars?

– Marbled Hatchetfish is the only specie of fishes that can fly by jumping into the air and moving their fins?

– The world’s deepest lake, with more than mile in depth, is the Lake Baikal in southern Siberia?

– The largest single cell is an unfertilized ostrich egg?

– Elephant seals although they are air-breathing mammals, can hold their breath for up to two hours while diving?

– Our planet travels around the sun at the stunning speed of 67,000 miles per hour, which means we all move that fast along with it?

– The Albatross, a very large seabird can sleep while in flight?

– Male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant, incubating the offspring for three weeks and then giving birth to up to 200 baby seahorses at a time?

– A seagull can drink salt water due to its special glands that filter out the salt from sea water?

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