The flying car, reality or fiction?

The flying car, reality or fiction?

The flying car, reality or fiction?

Since the beginning of human kind, the man dreamed about flying. Thanks to the technologies developed in the last 150 years, the man created the first car (1886) and then the first airplane (around 1900). Now, century later, a new vehicle revolutionizes the way we travel. It’s the flying car.

A private company created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates, Terrafugia, developed the first vehicle that can be used both as car and airplane. Transition is in fact an airplane that can fold its wings in just 30 seconds and then can be driven like a normal 4 wheel car.

The first flight took place on March 5th, 2009 in Plattsburgh, and was a real success. The Col. Phil Meeter, USAFR (Ret.) made history flying the Transition for the first time. A whole series of test flights and road driving followed proving that the 2 in 1 vehicle is really working.

The transition can carry two people plus their luggage within a range of 787 km, using unleaded gas. The maximum speed is 185km/h and needs only 518 meters of runway to takeoff.

The good news is that Transition will be released to costumers next year. The estimated price is about $200,000 which is quite high, but for this money you get the latest technologies and a unique vehicle. For the next Transition pilots, Terrafugia holds 20 hours specific courses where they learn all about the vehicle and how to drive and fly it. Existing pilots don’t need any specific courses.

Other companies developing flying cars that in the close future can enter the market include Parajet (with Skycar), LaBiche Aerospace (with LaBiche FSC-1), and Urban Aeronautics (with X-Hawk). Looking at all these projects we can safely conclude that the flying cars are real and will become part of our everyday lives in no time.

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