The top scientific breakthroughs of last decade

The top scientific breakthroughs of last decade

The top scientific breakthroughs of last decade

The first decade of the new millennium was a very good period for science. Scientists from all areas made significant discoveries throughout the past ten years. For example the Neanderthal genome sequence which ancient DNA researchers obtained in 2010, is considered one of the most important breakthroughs in the last decade.

The quantum simulator was also a huge achievement of physicists. This incredible machine offers new ways of study and gives important answers to quantum theoretical problems.

New successful results in HIV prevention studies mark the year 2009 and draw an optimistic light in the medical research field. Two different solutions, a vaginal gel and an oral prophylaxis reduced the number of infections with 39% and respectively 43%. This breakthrough is a huge step in HIV prevention and its effects might be seen in just few years.

Scientists from all over the world recorded other important discoveries but for many specialists the most important breakthrough of 2000-2010 decade is the quantum machine. The human made device created by Aaron D. O’Connell at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the first of its kind in the history.

The tiny device of only 1 mm creates a movement following the quantum mechanics laws. It is known that the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles are governed by their own set of rules and laws. The quantum machine is the only human made device capable to move and vibrate like a tiny particle.

The scientific and technologic advance in many areas reached levels unimagined decades ago. The newest breakthroughs are implemented fast and we get surrounded by them in short time. Practically the major discoveries enter into our daily lives fast and in a blink of an eye they become common things.

The scientists say that the best is yet to come and this century will be mark a new era in many scientific areas. Only time will tell if they are right or not.

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