Will an asteroid hit Earth?

Will an asteroid hit Earth?

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It might seem a science fiction movie script but is happening more often than you think. The Earth is hit all the time by asteroids, but they are small and burn out in the atmosphere before crushing down.

Thanks to the technologies now available, we can track all asteroids that come close to Earth and predict their trajectory even several decades in advance.

In 2028 a big asteroid is coming really close to Earth, missing us by a hair. The 1997 XF 11 asteroid will come so close to our planet that a slight change in its trajectory may have disastrous consequences. The asteroid is a mile wide and hitting the planet at 50,000 kph would release 1 million megatons of energy.  Scientists state that in case of an impact almost all life on the planet will disappear within a year.

The good news is that we are technologically advanced enough to predict and even prevent an impact, but we need to learn how to communicate and cooperate to remove the danger. In order to prevent a disaster all nations should work together, sharing technologies and knowledge.

Thankfully the science can give us several years notice of an impact event, so we might have time to react and remove the threat.

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