Most popular sports in the world

Most popular sports in the world

Most popular sports in the world

We all enjoy making sport or just watching others playing all kinds of sport. So which are the most popular sports in the world?

By far, football is considered the most popular sport in the world, “the king of all sports”. This title is based upon the number and size of stadiums around the world, the number of people who play football, the number of people who are aware of football and on the number of tournaments worldwide.

The origin of football is Chinese, the first evidence of an activity similar to football being found into a Chinese military manual, “Zhan Guo Ce” made between the 3rd century and 1st century BC. English discovered it in Chinese culture and thanks to them we all enjoy playing or watching the pro doing their best.

Sports that are estimated to have now over 1 billion fans around the world are:

1. Football: around 3.5 billion fans mainly in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas;
2. Cricket: approximately 2.5 billion fans in India, UK, Pakistan, Asia and Australia;
3. Field hockey: 2 billion fans in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia;
4. Tennis: around 1 billion fans mostly in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Other popular sports that complete the top ten most popular sports include: volleyball, table tennis, baseball, golf, American football and basketball.

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