Oldest sports

Oldest sports

Oldest sports

There are currently hundreds of different sports played all over the world. While some are few centuries old, most of them being developed in the last century. Most sports involving a ball were created 18th and 19th centuries and the first sport of the modern civilization could easily be considered to be cricket. The cricket appeared around 1788 in the United Kingdom and thanks to the British colonies spread around the world, this sport became very popular worldwide.

Until the appearance of the soccer, the cricket held the supremacy among sports. Soccer is currently the number one sport in the world as number of fans and players. Besides soccer, rugby and American football were developed around 1860 and now are very popular sports played all over the world.

Although it might seem unbelievable but the oldest game that is still played is tennis. There are strong evidences that around 1600 this sport was played in France and England. The rules were a little bit different and the sport was played indoors but it was tennis.

The title of the oldest sport in the history is held by a Mesoamerican game from ancient Peru called Ulama. This sport was invented sometime around 1500 BC and involved a ball, being very similar to modern soccer. In Ulama, two teams of five players played an eight point game. The players were supposed to hit the ball using their hips and upper thighs to score.

There are some communities from the South American countries that still practice this ancient game, but these days its popularity is far from its golden periods from three thousands of years ago.

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