The perfect tennis player

The perfect tennis player

The perfect tennis player

Imagine that you could build your own tennis player using different parts from any player that ever played or is still playing tennis. Who would you pick and would you want from him?

Brain/Thought process: Federer’s brain is no doubt the master of tennis. He knows exactly what shots to hit at the time, even if that means improvising something.

Improvisation: This goes also to Roger Federer which is famous for so many “invented” shots in the spur of the moment. His talent helps him transform hopeless positions into offensive shot.

Speed: Bjorn Borg is famous for his speed and he actually beat an Olympic sprinter in a 100 yard dash.

Fitness: It’s obvious that Rafael Nadal is the strongest tennis player ever, so his muscles and stamina will be perfect for the ultimate tennis player.

Serve: The power, placement, and variety of Pete Sampras’ serves made it nearly impossible to read.

Return of Serve: Nobody in the tennis history used the return, a defensive shot by nature, as a point winning weapon the way Andre Agassi did while he was the number one.

Backhand: Again Andre Agassi due to impeccable timing, good placement and powerful hit.

Overhead Smash: No doubt Pete Sampras, because no one had the same lift and hit it harder than Sampras in his good days.

Volley: John McEnroe was a master of the angles and his volleys always found their mark.

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